Welcome to the TransCond Project

TransCond, a two year European funded project has now reached its conclusion.  During the two years it successfully achieved its objective of developing a range of sprayable, transparent and permanently conductive coatings.  The project has prdouced a series of film and coating products and the associated manufacturing technology to replace conventional high volatile organic content and heavy metal filled formulations for the electrically conductive coatings market.

The products developed in the project can be obtained from TBA Electro Conductive Products Ltd, Kolor Mix and APT Archimedes Polymer Technologies Ltd, details of which are as follows:


TBA Electro Conductive Products Ltd

TBA provide electrically and thermally conductive material solutions for a wide variety of applications.  We manufacture conductive thermoset rubbers, engineering thermoplastics for plastic injection moulding and extrusion and a range of conductive coatings.  Typical applications for TBA materials are EMI/RFI Shielding, Electo Static Protection for electronics safe handling and ATEX requirements and magnetically detectable materials for the food industry.  In addition, TBA manufacture a range of finished products for electonics safe handling, food handling and a comprehensive portfolio of EMI/RFI shielding gaskets and associated products.


APT Archimedes Polymer Technologies Ltd

APT is building a dedicated production facility for aqueous based nano coatings.  The facility which will be on stream in July 2014 will include a range of hybrid materials developed as part of the TransCond project.  A key element developed in the project was the use of Air Plasma to functionalise the nano materials.  As well as transparent conductive coatings, the range will include those using Natural Nano, the mineral Halloysite.  These conductive elements offer a cost effective solution to the needs of the growing nanotechnology conductive market.


Kolor Mix S.A

Kolor Mix are a success-orientated company based on highly innovative and advanced technological solutions.  As a result, products with their logo - Kolor Mix or Cameleon are the guarantee of highest quality, best price and a wide selection.  Kolor Mix produce lacquers and paints mostly destined for the motor industry as well as for steel, aluminium and zinc constructions protection.  They currently offer paint systems for surfaces including glass, leather, MDF, plastic, zinc, copper, aluminium and other nFe surfaces, yachts, boats and various elastic surfaces i.e. canvas covers.

A Framework 7 Project


The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/SME/2011) under grant agreement 285908

TransCond Products

Products developed within the TransCond project can be obtained from the following partners:


Project Partners

The project comprises 5 partners as follows:

West Pommeranian University of Technology and Kolor Mix S.A (Poland), TBA Electro Conductive Products Ltd and Smithers Rapra and Smithers Pira Ltd (UK) and APT Archimedes Polymer Technologies Ltd (Cyprus).